Meeting Your Safety Improvement Goals?

Most safety professionals are under pressure to meet their safety goals.
Process Efficiency Toolbox™ generates fresh and intelligent safety improvement ideas to reduce injuries and lower OSHA recordable rates and lost workday cases.

Reduce OSHA Recordable Incidences


Reducing Workplace Injuries

Process Efficiency Toolbox™ assists manufacturing companies in generating ideas to support safety improvement. It reviews your current systems and identifies areas where you can improve.  The implementation of these safety recommendations will enable your company to reduce injuries and lower OSHA recordable rates and lost workday cases.


ISO 45001

Process Efficiency Toolbox™ enhances an ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System by supporting continuous process safety improvement. It works well with existing management programs, providing a technical review of your systems to identify safety opportunities that are specific to your manufacturing process.

Safety ISO 45001
Safety Improvement Using Artificial Intelligence


Safety Improvement Ideas

Process Efficiency Toolbox™ uses artificial intelligence and expert logic to examine your systems and identify safety improvement ideas. Many of the ideas are creative and most involve only slight changes to manufacturing. Process Efficiency Toolbox™ makes it easy to generate targeted safety improvement ideas.

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