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SaaS Products Tailored to Your Manufacturing Process

Select from an Array of Products to Meet Your Process Efficiency Improvement Goals:

Best Practices

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Manufacturing Process Efficiency
Best Practices Locator™.

XPS Products

Technical Tools for Manufacturing Process Efficiency Improvement:

  • Process Optimization XPS™
  • Sustainable Manufacturing XPS™
  • Troubleshooting XPS™
  • Technical Training XPS™

Extreme Efficiency™

Designed for companies that want to upgrade to multiple users and/or multiple facilities.

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Test drive our XPS products on your own. Simply create a free account on the Process Efficiency Network and explore for yourself.

Excellent ROI

Priced to provide an excellent return on investment. The implementation of just one best practice can easily save thousands of dollars yearly.

Focus on Results

Simple to use SaaS tools for use on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone. Easy to get up and running quickly for fast, actionable results!

Flexible Pricing

Structured so you only pay for what you need. You select the options that match your company’s goals and budget. (Pricing is listed in the “Shop” section on the Process Efficiency Network.)

Value Driven

Our efficiency tools help you evaluate and improve your systems at a fraction of the cost of a consultant, providing the best value for our customers.

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