Meeting Your Process Improvement Goals?

Most continuous improvement professionals are under pressure to meet their process improvement goals.  Process Efficiency Toolbox™ generates fresh and intelligent process efficiency improvement ideas to enhance current employee involvement idea programs.  With the additional process improvement power of Process Efficiency Toolbox, goals can often be easily achieved.


Quality in Manufacturing

Process Efficiency Toolbox™ is designed to take continuous process improvement to the next level. It is a powerful platform to transform knowledge and engineering excellence into increased quality and profitability in manufacturing facilities.

Quality and Continuous Improvement
Quality ISO 9001


ISO 9001

Process Efficiency Toolbox™ enhances an existing ISO 9001 Quality Management System by supporting continuous process improvement and cost reduction. It uses logic based ideation combined with artificial intelligence to identify detailed process efficiency improvement opportunities and prevent missed opportunities.


Six Sigma and Lean

Process Efficiency Toolbox™ is a process improvement tool for Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. It will assess your systems, identify ideas that are practical and cost effective, help you implement those ideas and measure the results. We make process improvement easy!

Quality and Lean Manufacturing
Engineers Working Kaizen Event


Kaizen Events

Process Efficiency Toolbox™ will give new life to your Kaizen Events with less time and labor involved. Takes the pressure off the team because it generates new, fresh process improvement ideas for better results.  With Process Efficiency Toolbox, a Kaizen Event is geared toward prioritizing process improvement ideas for implementation.


Gemba Walk

Process Efficiency Toolbox™ will revitalize your Gemba Walks. It provides questions for employees to ask during a Gemba Walk.  It then uses the answers to the questions to generate fresh continuous improvement ideas. It also helps to implement the ideas and track KPIs for each implemented idea.

Employees Working to Improve Quality

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