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Many companies want real environmental sustainability results. EES can assist by generating technical process improvement ideas to reduce wasted materials, energy and pollution.  EES can then help with implementing the ideas and tracking their KPI metrics.


Increasing Sustainability Results

The EES Technical Toolbox™ Sustainability module will assess your systems, identify sustainability improvement ideas that are practical and cost effective, help you implement those ideas and measure the results. The software is easy to use, but incredibly powerful in improving system efficiency and producing measurable sustainability results.

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Artificial Intelligence


Data Driven Results

EES Technical Toolbox™ uses facts and data to identify detailed efficiency improvement opportunities that will produce real sustainability results. It is logic based ideation using artificial intelligence and expert system knowledge.


Targeted Waste Reductions

The EES Technical Toolbox™ Sustainability module can help reduce wastes that will make substantial environmental impacts. EES has the capability to help you eliminate a hazardous component in a waste stream to render it non-hazardous. EES can also reduce materials in wastes to help make waste disposal, recycling or reuse easier.

Targeted Waste Reduction


ISO 14001 and ISO 50001

The Sustainability module of EES Technical Toolbox™ enhances an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and an ISO 50001 Energy Management System by supporting continuous process improvement, cost reduction and environmental sustainability. EES provides a technical review of your systems to identify specific sustainability opportunities.

Supply Chain Sustainability Initiative

The Supply Chain Sustainability Initiative expands process efficiency improvement efforts to multiple sites, culminating in substantial environmental sustainability results and demonstrating your environmental stewardship.

Projects are structured based upon the organization’s goals and budget.

Projects can be funded directly through the corporation or through the supply chain members.

Projects can be designed to focus on a target, such as Greenhouse Gas Emissions, or on any system area.

EES Technical Toolbox™ will calculate all unit conversions for you to measure KPI’s for each individual site and the aggregate total for all sites.

Enhanced Results at Your Finger Tips

The Real Cost of
Wasted Raw Materials

Incorrectly calculating the cost of waste could be costing your company millions of dollars each year. Watch this 3 minute video to learn about Total Waste Cost.

Total Waste Cost Analysis

A simple economic analysis of Total Waste Cost highlights the impact it has on decision making, profits and sustainability.  Many companies are missing an opportunity to improve profits and sustainability, both at the same time.  Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about Total Waste Cost and how EES can help your company improve profitability and sustainability.


Engages Employees at Every Level to Make an Impact

Preventing industrial pollution requires a team effort. EES Technical Toolbox™ helps you engage your employees, providing technical system knowledge to successfully develop and implement sustainability projects.

Who replaces a leaking seal in a benzene pump to reduce benzene emissions.

Who improves transfer efficiency in a spray booth to reduce paint sludge waste.

Who regularly prevents process upsets.

Who can fix a bad batch by telling production how to make the correct adjustments.

Who collects accurate data and analyzes it to optimize a process.

Who reduces product changeovers and thereby reduces waste from line cleanings.

Who runs multiple simulations to create the most efficient process.

Who figures out the problem and quickly fixes it before it spirals the process out of control.

Who goes beyond including only waste disposal costs and accounts for the total cost of waste so that accurate and informed process improvement decisions can be made.

Who work hard everyday to improve system and process efficiency.

Choose Efficiency Improvement to Reduce Pollution



EES Technical Toolbox™ is a powerful platform to transform expert technical knowledge into increased profitability and sustainability in manufacturing facilities. It’s easy to use, but incredibly powerful in improving system efficiency.

How EES Works

Increase Sustainability Results with EES Technical Toolbox™

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  1. Energy Savings
  2. Emissions Reduction
  3. Hazardous Material Usage Reduction
  4. Material Waste Reduction
  5. Water Usage Reduction

EES Technical Toolbox™ is leveraging engineering knowledge to reduce wasted raw materials, energy and pollution in manufacturing, saving companies money and improving sustainability.