Trying to make your production processes more efficient with limited resources?

Most manufacturing and operation engineers are under constant pressure to optimize production processes with minimal support.  EES Technical Toolbox™ provides technical ideas for process optimization.  Since all aspects of a system are rigorously and logically examined, engineers can feel confident that a process has truly been fully optimized.


Optimizing Process Efficiency

Optimization includes ideas for optimizing process efficiency, plus Capacity Increase and Downtime Reduction.

Process Optimization
EES Technical Toolbox Uses Artificial Intelligence


Data Driven Process Optimization

EES Technical Toolbox™ uses facts and data to identify detailed efficiency improvement opportunities and prevent missed opportunities. It is logic based ideation using artificial intelligence and expert system knowledge.


Process Optimization

EES Technical Toolbox™ will assess your systems, identify process optimization ideas that are practical and cost effective, help you implement those ideas and measure the results. The software is easy to use, but incredibly powerful in improving process efficiency.

How EES Works
EES Technical Toolbox Puts Knowledge Into Your Hands
Efficiency Improvement


Getting Results

EES Technical Toolbox™ allows your team to get more done with the resources you have. You will be able to track all of your process optimization projects individually or collectively by system, site, or corporation. Your team will also be able  to prioritize process optimization opportunities based upon plant or system specific criteria.


Capacity Improvement

EES Technical Toolbox™ can help improve your production capacity, often without significant capital expenditures. EES can be used examine in detail the systems that are bottlenecking your production processes. By logically asking the right questions, EES will generate process improvement ideas to increase production capacity.

Capacity Improvement Chart
Downtime Reduction


Downtime Reduction

While production downtime can’t always be completely prevented, the EES Technical Toolbox™ can significantly help to reduce the risk of production downtime. EES downtime reduction ideas focus on process improvements that will make your systems more robust and much less likely to fail.

EES Technical Toolbox™

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