Technical Training

PROCOR’s Technical Training is designed for engineers and technical employees working in manufacturing environments. The training is built into our Process Efficiency Toolbox™ software.  For example, if you want to train your employees on troubleshooting your boiler system,  you would purchase “Troubleshooting Boiler System”.

Technical Training and Development

Process Efficiency Toolbox™ uses artificial intelligence to provide customized training on your systems and, at the same time, help you improve those systems.

On-Line Technical Training Platform

Learn and expand your knowledge about systems, process efficiency improvement, pollution reduction, and rapid troubleshooting methods.

Process and Systems Assessment

Enables your team to perform a technical assessment of your processes and systems as you train.

User Network

An on-line user network is available for you to interact with other process efficiency professionals and experts.

Best Practices

Best Practice Knowledge

Your team will learn system and process best practices.  Expands your team’s process efficiency knowledge and expertise to multiple systems. It also helps you protect against knowledge loss due to employee turnover.

PROCOR’s Technical Training


  • Trains for hard skills and knowledge required on a specific system or process.
  • Is designed to cover skill gaps.
  • Great for new hires or employees who take on a new role.
  • Captures knowledge that could be lost due to turnover.
  • Can be used with engineering interns or co-ops.


  • Uses expert system logic to customize to your specific system and process criteria.
  • Performs a technical assessment of your system as you train.
  • Saves training time, as training is uniquely fitted to your systems and processes.  Employees won’t waste time learning information not required for their job.


  • Training is done in your facility at the location of the system or process.
  • You determine the timing that works for your organization, which gives you increased flexibility for scheduling issues.
  • Our tools are simple to use and provide fast, actionable results.

Process Efficiency Toolbox™

Turning technical employees into experts with engineering knowledge at your fingertips.

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