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Maximize Efficiency

We put one in for you. If you want more listed, you can create a free account. Once you create a free account, there are two ways of getting more information listed on the network. You will be able to list items yourself or simply provide the specific links you want listed. Please note, our engineering team will need to approval it. Not all equipment, only equipment that helps process efficiency. Not an equipment registry. Very specific on products that are helpful for process efficiency.

Share Knowledge: Ideas, Calculators, Equipment, Services, Success Stories.


Users working in manufacturing such as:  Process Engineers, Product Engineers, Plant Managers, Operations Managers, Design Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Sustainability Managers, Maintenance Managers, Chemical Engineers, Continuous Improvement and Other Manufacturing Professionals.

System Experts

Qualified technical professionals with extensive work experience and credentials such as original equipment manufacturers, book authors, magazine article authors, seminar presenters, webinar presenters, patent holders, and other recognized manufacturing industry experts.

Learning About Process Efficiency Improvement

The Network provides a space where Professional users can learn about products and services organically.  When customers understand how much they can save by improving process efficiency, they are more likely to do it.

Using the Network as a Sales Funnel

The Network has a “Share Knowledge” section where users can submit content and direct links for:  Ideas, Calculators, Equipment, Services, and Success Stories. All added content and links must relate to process efficiency improvement and be approved by PROCOR Engineers.

Value Proposition for System Experts

The value proposition for System Experts is sharing process efficiency content in lieu of advertising dollars, funneling qualified sales leads right back to those companies who have created links with the Network.

How Does PROCOR Profit from the Network?

PROCOR lists their SaaS Products on the Network’s “Shop” page.  Our SaaS products help companies generate technical ideals for process efficiency improvement, ideas which may include suggestions for process or equipment changes.  So essentially, PROCOR is working together with other like-minded companies to achieve greater success and provide greater value to customers.

Process Efficiency Network

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Process Efficiency Network

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The Process Efficiency Network is only for manufacturing professionals.

Process Efficiency Network

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To further global sustainable manufacturing efforts, a portion of PROCOR’s profits are used to fund the Process Efficiency Network™, a network of experts and professionals that is working to improve process efficiencies throughout the world-wide manufacturing sector.