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World’s leading source of technical process efficiency improvement knowledge. Comprised of 3 products that can dramatically reduce your costs and improve your operations.

Steel Pipeline
Process Optimization

Ultimate optimization tool. Includes Capacity Increase, Downtime Prevention, Troubleshooting and Sustainability.


Technical process improvement tool to reduce wasted materials, energy and pollution. Get results and reduce costs.


Technical resource to get your process back up and running quickly and to minimize process upset conditions.

Easy to Use at a Fraction of the Cost of a Consultant

Making it easy for companies to improve process efficiency and reduce costs, wasted raw materials, energy and pollution in the manufacturing sector.

3 Products with Hundreds of Systems Available

Products are fully customizable to meet your company’s individual goals. Licensed on an annual basis, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Driving Results in Manufacturing

We have worked for 3 of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies and also for the world’s largest privately held chemical company, saving these companies millions of dollars annually.

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

Improving process efficiency, reducing waste and material cost impacts many different functional areas.  EES Technical Toolbox has several products with hundreds of different system combinations to help you reach your goals.

Trying to make your production processes more efficient with limited resources? Learn how EES Technical Toolbox can help you.
Process Optimization
With disposal costs rising, it’s hard to meet your waste disposal budget. By using EES to reduce some of the more difficult to dispose of wastes, you can stay under budget.  EES Technical Toolbox offers targeted waste reduction solutions within our Sustainability product.
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There is a lot of pressure to hit cost reduction program targets. EES assists companies in implementing technical cost reduction ideas that help organizations become more efficient, often exceeding cost reduction program targets.
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When equipment goes down and every minute counts, EES Troubleshooting is the tool you need to get your process up and running quickly.

There is increasing pressure to meet key business objectives. EES identifies technical process improvement ideas that will cut costs, reduce downtime, reduce defects and improve environmental sustainability to help you exceed your key performance indicator targets.
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Many business owners want to become more sustainable, but they worry about the impact on profitability.  EES can help companies increase both profitability and sustainability simultaneously, so that owners can focus on growing their business.
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Most continuous improvement professionals are under pressure to meet their process improvement goals.  EES Ideation generates fresh and intelligent process improvement ideas to enhance current employee involvement idea programs.  With the additional process improvement power of EES, goals can often be easily achieved.

Quality Improvement
Most safety professionals are under pressure to meet their safety goals. EES Technical Toolbox™ generates fresh and intelligent safety improvement ideas to reduce injuries and lower OSHA recordable rates and lost workday cases.
Safety Improvement
Many companies want more environmental sustainability results.  EES can assist by generating technical process improvement ideas to reduce wasted materials, energy and pollution.  Sustainability professionals can then easily track and report on 24 key performance indicators.

With technical employee turnover rising, a lot of time is required to train new employees. EES provides a training tool customized to your processes. This results in faster and more effective employee training, helping new employees reach full productivity sooner.

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EES Technical Toolbox

Making it easy for companies to improve process efficiency and reduce costs

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