Structured so you only pay for the systems that you need.

Let us help you customize a plan to reach your business goals.

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Priced to provide an excellent return on investment. Entry-level systems starting at $2,000 annually! Fast, actionable results.

Structured so you only pay for what you need with individualized product modules and systems. 7-Day money-back guarantee.

Provides the best value for our customers. Pricing options matched to your company’s needs and customized to your goals.

Product Features


Includes 1 User. You have the option to purchase additional Users.

Includes 1 Site. You have the option to purchase additional Sites.

First choose which of the product categories you want (Troubleshooting, Sustainability or Process Optimization). Next, select from hundreds of available systems. Refer to the systems page for a list of systems.

EES Technical Toolbox™ is a training tool for your technical employees. They will gain technical knowledge to make systems more efficient, reducing costs and wasted material and energy, and downtime. EES also expands your team’s process efficiency knowledge and expertise to multiple systems.

Technical Training

If you want to brand your reports, project tracking sheets, emails, lists, or our software with your company logo you can add this option to your package.

Language Translation is an option that can be added to your package.

Annual invoicing.

Annual invoicing.

Exceeds global requirements for maintaining security of business data, as well as the employee data privacy laws.


Dashboard gives you instant access to the information you need to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

EES Technical Toolbox™ has built in measurement and tracking capability for 25 key performance indicator metrics. You will be able to track all of your process improvement ideas by individual projects, aggregate, system, plant and corporation. Your team will also be able to prioritize improvement opportunities based upon plant or system specific criteria. The capability to seamlessly link process efficiency improvement activity to metrics makes it easy for companies to track financial, productivity and environmental results. KPIs are automatically updated daily.

Target tracking is available to measure current progress towards goals.

Custom calculators are included where needed to assist with correct calculations and to ensure that a more complete set of data is considered in the calculation.

You are able to easily export your data for use in other applications.

Users who require custom integration into specific applications are able to add this option to their package.

Included in the software.


Hit the ground running, with our easy get-started training.  Our cloud-based software is easy to set-up so you can get fast results!

Short training videos will get you up and running quickly.

Access free in-line training throughout the software that lets you learn as you go.

Unlimited email and phone support for EES Technical Toolbox. Our Customer Service Team is eager to answer your questions and provide assistance.

Customers that desire on-site interface, in addition to unlimited email and phone assistance, may wish to add this option into their package.

An on-line user community is available for you to interact with other professionals and experts.

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Using Cell Phone to Collect Process Data
Get A Custom Quote

Get A Custom Quote

Let us help you customize a plan to reach your business goals.

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Pricing FAQ’s

Users include managers and professionals from engineering, sustainability, quality, manufacturing and other technical employees.

EES Technical Toolbox is structured so you only pay for what you need. You choose systems based on your goals and budget.

Yes. First you determine if you want Troubleshooting, Sustainability or Process Optimization. Then you select the systems you want to focus on.

EES Technical Toolbox is designed to provide a rapid return on your investment, providing a fast technical assessment of your systems and offering technical improvement ideas to you at a fraction of the cost of a consultant. You and your team will gain valuable knowledge and insight on improving your systems. EES Technical Toolbox also acts as a technical training tool for your organization, customized to your specific systems and process configurations.

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EES Technical Toolbox

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Using Cell Phone to Collect Process Data