User Network

Process Efficiency Toolbox™ provides a user network where you can interact with other process efficiency professionals and experts.


Knowledge Base

Expand your knowledge about systems, process efficiency improvement, pollution reduction, and rapid troubleshooting methods.


Users may join specific system groups, where experts and users collaborate. Our users are continually expanding and leveraging best practice knowledge.


Members attain recognition within their system group based upon their participation.   Process Efficiency XPS™ has added leaderboards and gamification to make the process fun and current.

System Experts

Ask your process efficiency questions to our groups of System Experts.  You will typically receive multiple responses giving you unbiased expert advice that you will not find anywhere else.

Community Members

Selecting Your Network

You can select your network access level.
Options include:

  • Full Network (World-wide users, experts and professionals)
  • Within Your Corporation Only
  • No Network

Process Efficiency Toolbox™

Turning technical employees into experts with engineering knowledge at your fingertips.

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