How do I change my password?

The seven steps to change your password are: Login Go to menu Community > My Account Click on Settings tab Type in Current Password Click Generate Password Accept or type in your own password Click Save Changes

Why is Troubleshooting included in Knowledge Categories?

All Knowledge Categories are types of process improvements.  Without accurate and timely Troubleshooting, some process upsets can quickly spread and lead to major environmental and economic impacts.  Troubleshooting helps to maximize system efficiency by minimizing upset conditions.

Will all the suggested process improvement ideas be applicable?

First remember the phrase “data in equals data out”.  Assuming all of the data input is accurate and if you generate 10 process improvement ideas, you can probably expect: 2-3 great process improvement applicable ideas 2-3 good process improvement applicable ideas 2-3 average process improvement applicable ideas 2-3 not applicable ideas The quality of XPS

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