Systems As Building Blocks

When you walk through a manufacturing site you see many different Systems. The further you walk, the more Systems you will see. It is these Systems and their interactions that are the building blocks that make each site unique.


Process Efficiency Toolbox™ guides you through a technical review of your systems to identify efficiency opportunities that are specific to your manufacturing processes.

3 SaaS Product Groups

  • Process Optimization XPS™
  • Sustainable Manufacturing XPS™
  • Troubleshooting XPS™

200+ Systems

You can license any number of these systems for any of our SaaS product groups to create a customized solution to meet your goals and budget.

Return on Investment

Our products are designed to deliver value.  You can get started very inexpensively with 1 software product and 1 system. After you see the results, you can add more systems as needed.  Low Risk, High Reward.

Process Efficiency Toolbox™

Making it easy for companies to improve process efficiency and reduce costs

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Using Cell Phone to Collect Process Data