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Applications for our Imidazole Metal Complexes:

  • Accelerators
  • Catalysts
  • Biology
  • Cosmetology
  • Extraction
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Medicine
  • Others areas


We have examined 19 different imidazoles and 34 Lewis acids combinations.  That provides for a total of 646 unique imidazole metal complex products.


Further, we have examined the effects of mixtures of these imidazole metal complexes.  The 646 products lead to the potential of 4.57 E+1536 (4.57 followed by 1,536 zeros) different mixtures.  This astronomical number of mixtures would be impossible to examine in a laboratory setting.  Therefore, we have applied artificial intelligence to predict material properties and applications.  By testing a sample of the population and applying A.I. learning to the results, we are unlocking the enormous potential of imidazole metal complex mixtures.

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