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We offer world class process improvement engineering services and software.


PROCOR Technologies, Inc. has been in business for over 25 years.  PROCOR provides world class products and services and is highly respected for its emphasis on quality.  Since process cost reduction is our only business there are no potential conflicts of interest that may be associated with material suppliers, equipment suppliers, regulatory consulting, waste disposal, waste transportation, or any other waste related activity.  We are working for your best interest.  No other company can match our knowledgebase and experience combined with our software expertise.


EffSTAR’s users do in hours what many “expert consultants” can’t do in months.

  • EffSTAR provides continuous improvement, rather than a just a point in time

  • EffSTAR provides non-biased, detailed process improvement ideas calculated in real time

  • EffSTAR provides a turnkey service that is ready to go on day one

EffSTAR has delivered impressive results to three of the top 10 Fortune Global 500 companies and the world’s largest privately held chemical company.

Leveraging engineering knowledge to help our customers attain operational excellence and reduce environmental footprint.

Provide engineering expertise to our clients through products and services that instill operational excellence, reduce cost, and improve the environment.

  • Share our passion for helping customers save money and reduce environmental impact through engineering efficiency
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Foster an environment of integrity, honesty, and shared knowledge
  • Promote a climate of learning and innovating
  • We value and reward open, honest communication
  • Dream it, plan it, do it

EffSTAR’s ideas typically do not require major process changes or significant capital expenditures

Join Over 300 Facilities Utilizing PROCOR’s Engineering Services and Products

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